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Above the Beyond - No Horizons

Event-Exploring Memory through Flash Fiction-May 30

“ …I avoided showing horizons, allowing the the facing sun to ‘solarise’ the watery viens flowing through the greening deserts. I looked for patterns, for man-marks scratched geometrically across the flood-plains. I saw dune-islands waiting for the waters to visit and recede, like some kind of primitive life.. Mostly I saw contrasts, edges, marks, stains brought into relief by the flood waters’ quiet fall to the South.….”  Philip Bell

Sydney based photographer Philip Bell presented a selection of aerial photographs, focusing on Lake Eyre (Kati-Thanda), in flood. Taken from a light aircraft, the images of the landscape take on a sublime abstracted beauty. The works pay tribute to the aerial perspective of Indigenous Kimberley artists such as Rover Thomas and Paddy Bedford.

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