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Visual Artist

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The project requires artists to create, especially for this exhibition, an original work of art based upon, or stimulated by Peter’s piece of music, LUFT.  We have deliberately chosen not to provide potential artists with any specific contextual information about the piece and its creation as we do not wish to limit, or steer in a particular direction, your responses to the musical composition. It is important that you have the creative freedom to go wherever the music takes you. We welcome all forms of visual art including, but not limited to, paintings, printmaking, sculpture, drawing, photography or if you have another idea, please let us know

Luft - Peter CobbinPeter Cobbin
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What are we looking for?

Completed artworks will be displayed in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition.

In seeking to be part of this exhibition, we require artists to submit a Project Proposal for consideration by Mounted. This involves providing us with a short description of the work you intend to create. This proposal should address the following areas:

  • the medium(s) you intend to work with.

  • the concepts/ideas that you are working with, and how this is a response to the stimulus music.

  • A loose description of what the final work might look like, including approximate dimensions.

Upon receipt of these Project Proposals, Mounted will select and invite a group of artists to work with on this project.


As we are not a commercial gallery we do not handle sales but if you wish we will do all we can to connect potential purchasers with artists.  It follows that we do not charge a commission. 

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