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For an overview of the project, please read the Luft page first.
As a part of this multi-discipline project, we invite writers to listen to the music of Luft,
composed by Peter Cobbin, and create a piece of writing that responds to or is inspired by

What are we looking for?
We welcome poetry, short story, monologue, flash fiction, micro-lit, or

other form of creative writing.

  • Fiction submissions – maximum 1000 words, no minimum.

  • Poems – maximum of 60 lines including line breaks.

Please also include a brief bio with your submission (approximately 50 words).
Our intention is to curate an anthology of selected pieces of writing. The anthology will be
available for sale during the Luft exhibition and possibly at future Mounted ARI exhibitions.
Although we retain copyright of the overall anthology, individual writers retain copyright of
their piece.
Unfortunately, we are not in a position to offer payment, but writers who are selected for
the anthology will receive a free copy. Any profits over and above costs will be donated to a
charity of Peter Cobbin’s choosing.

Opening Event Readings

Writers who are selected for the anthology will be invited to read their work at a live event
to be held in October 2023.

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