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Mark Denny

Mark has recently retired from teaching Drama.  He is currently in his second year of a Visual Arts Degree at UNSW College of Art and Design.

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Arna Radovich

Arna is a former adult literacy teacher. She writes short fiction, poetry and stories for children and her writing has been published in literary journals, anthologies and online. Her website is at


Julie Parkin

Julie is an emerging multidisciplinary artist. She has recently graduated from Sydney College of the Arts.


Geoff Matthews

Geoff recently retired from Penguin Random House. After his first solo exhibition at Mounted he hopes to spend more time exploring his interest in visual art and literature.


Alex Veddovi-McCaughan

Alex is an emerging artist who has recently graduated from UNSW School of Art and Design. Alex is also a Graphic Designer. He is presently employed by UNSW, at their Paddington campus, where he works in the The Makerspace, assisting students to realize their creative projects using the cutting-edge technologies.

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