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Engaging in conversations about the expanded field of Fine Arts, "Me!" challenges all pre-established notions and power structures regarding the contemporary art field. Aiming to redefine and extend the boundaries of what is considered as “Fine” Arts; to deconstruct normative power hierarchies between the curators and the curated; to renounce objective narrative, unwarranted labelling and essentialisation of artists; and to discard the white-cube aesthetics, “art as wall-hung commodified object” concept.

Through Poetry And Art

Dissonance is often experienced when we detect that something is not as we think it should be. A lack of harmony or agreement between things.

It could be said that we are presently living through a time of dissonance. The pandemic has created a rupture to the normal pattern of life. Life feels out of balance, discordant, not the way we feel it should be.


Reclamation: Exploring Memory

This multi-faceted project utilised the mediums of visual art, story and music. The visual art exhibition opened on March 13, 2021.

As part of the Sundays@Mounted program, a music concert was held on April 3, 2021 and a short fiction event with live readings on May 30th.

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Identity Consciousness

Identity Consciousness is an exhibition that explores identity through the unique and specific lens of the life experiences of Third Culture Kids (TCK).

Mounted is very excited to now be able to host this show by two young emerging artists, both of whom are recent graduates of UNSW College of Art and Design.

The VIewer Is Present.png

The Viewer Is Present

Over nine weeks in October and November 2020, Mounted held an exhibition that focused on providing the viewer with a guided experience in looking more deeply and reflectively at art.  Each week there were three new curated spaces including a  short written work. Viewers booked in for up to an hour and often provided written feedback about their experience.

Above the Beyond - No Horizons

Sydney based photographer Philip Bell presented a selection of aerial photographs, focusing on Lake Eyre (Kati-Thanda), in flood. Taken from a light aircraft, the images of the landscape take on a sublime abstracted beauty. The works pay tribute to the aerial perspective of Indigenous Kimberley artists such as Rover Thomas and Paddy Bedford.

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Twenty six artists and writers were paired in a collaborative process that resulted in an exhibition where writing and image hung side-by-side in the gallery. A public reading of the written pieces was held at the exhibition opening.


The first exhibition at Mounted was a solo show by local Blue Mountains visual artist, Geoff Matthews. His landscape-inspired paintings blur the lines between representation and abstraction.

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