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Jenny Denny has released a track from her first solo EP. The artwork was produced in collaboration

Jenny Denny is the guest music curator for Mounted. She will curate the music program for the 2021 Memory project. Her 5 track EP, ‘Sad Songs from a Happy Life’ is an isolation project, recorded and produced in Jenny’s home studio in the Inner West with the help of musician and partner Liam Denny. Both Jenny and Liam are part of ‘Heirs’ Indie Rock group. Julie has created a series of images and a stop motion animation to accompany tracks from the album. A debut single from the 5 track EP has just been released. Titled, ‘The Other Side', it is a song about the need to maintain hope during these challenging times. When the full EP is released later this month it will be downloadable complete with a colouring-in lyric booklet. Check it out at JennyDennyMusic

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