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Mounted hosts 2-day workshop by Artist Jane Lennon

Blue Mountains based artist Jane Lennon held a 2-day workshop at Mounted ARI. The workshop introduced participants to her unique art practice that she has developed over the past 3 decades. Lennon has evolved a process of creating sculptural forms made from recycled paper. A strong environmental ethos underpins her work. She collects used paper from a variety of sources then pulps it to create the core material for her practice. This results in the creation of beautiful objects from the otherwise unremarkable, discarded refuse of modern life. Lennon works within the long tradition of Papier Mache art, but she has developed her own specific technique for working with the material, honed over years of experimentation.

In the workshop Jane led participants through the process of creating a simple functional bowl as a starting point to explore the materiality of the paper pulp. From there we were encouraged to create a sculptural work using a variety of techniques that helped to add complexity and depth to the concept each of us wanted to explore. Jane’s extensive experience and familiarity with her practice ensured we were all well supported and had a lot fun. The paper pulp is applied to a substrate to build the final form. There is a deeply satisfying physicality to the material. It is very forgiving substance that can be worked and re-worked over and over again.

Jane has kindly offered to do another workshop at Mounted later in 2021. If you think you might be interested in participating contact us and we can provide you with further details.

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