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New Project at Mounted

The Viewer is Present

Exploring the art of seeing, listening and engaging.

We are back! On Sundays in October and November, starting on October 4th, Mounted will open its doors again with a new project titled, ‘The Viewer is Present’ curated by Julie Parkin in collaboration with the Mounted team.

- Mounted is inviting people to book in for a session at the Gallery to engage slowly with and respond to, just one or two artworks and one piece of short fiction. Inspired by Justin Paton’s book, How to Look at a Painting and the pandemic isolation, The Viewer is Present , aims to provide people with an opportunity to spend time engaging with art in a deeper way. As Paton says in his book,

.... painting is a medium that has to shout to be heard.’ This can also apply to any form of static art, be it painting, drawing, sculpture or writing. As Paton reports, the average viewer spends between eight and thirty seconds looking at an art work. To challenge that statistic, Mounted is inviting you to book in one Sunday for an hour, by yourself or with a partner or friend. At the Gallery you will be provided with an experience designed to allow you to engage with the work in a deeper and more focused way. You will be encouraged to respond to what you have experienced with some tips designed to lead you into the work. Afterwards join us for a cuppa and a chat. For more information look under the Present Exhibitions page on the website and register to secure a place on the Sunday and time of your choice.

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