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Saturday, May 13th – Sunday, June 4th


Mounted ARI invites you to explore West in any of its various iterations.

West can mean many things.  More than most words, it is loaded - ambiguous but rarely innocuous.  More than most words it conjures it’s opposite, and with it an often-confronting duality.  Does West exist without East?

What does West conjure for you…. The western suburbs of Sydney?  Colonisation and dominance? The Country and Western music of Dolly Parton?  The Western canon?  A favourite football team?

At Mounted ARI we think there are many ideas worth exploring.  We invite you to share your perspective through art.

If you are interested in exploring an idea around West please email:

Mark Denny


Geoff Matthews

Please provide your name, a link to examples of your work and the media you intend to work in.  You might also like to include additional comments regarding the concept you are thinking of exploring.


Expressions of Interest close March 31st

Some details about Mounted ARI:   

Mounted ARI (Artist Run Initiative) operates from a domestic residence in the lower Blue Mountains at Springwood that houses a fully self-contained gallery and event space. Mounted is a non-commercial gallery and as such does not handle sales directly, but will do everything possible to connect buyers and artists.  We do not charge a commission on the sale of works.

The gallery is open each weekend during the exhibition.

We encourage exhibiting artists to take part in the Artist in the Afternoon programme where artists attend an afternoon to discuss their work and host friends.

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