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Information for  Creative Practitioners

Mounted ARI’s not-for-profit exhibition space is located in Springwood, in the Lower Blue Mountains and is currently focused around a repurposed building alongside a domestic residence. The gallery is fully self-contained and has 2 rooms for exhibiting work.


To assist artists, the gallery does not charge a fee for exhibiting, and does not charge commissions on the sale of works. However, in return, artists are strongly encouraged to become involved with the exhibition they are part of by assisting when the gallery is open to the public. Volunteering for a few hours to invigilate gives artists the opportunity to meet and mix with other creatives. It also allows viewers and visitors a chance to meet the artists and discuss their work.


As Mounted ARI is an artist run initiative, it is also greatly appreciated if participants in shows, events and exhibitions could make some small contribution to the provision of refreshments, either by bringing a plate or a bottle, or by a small financial contribution.

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