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Through Poetry and Art

Dissonance is often experienced when we detect that something is not as we think it should be. A lack of harmony or agreement between things.


It could be said that we are presently living through a time of dissonance. The pandemic has created a rupture to the normal pattern of life. Life feels out of balance, discordant, not the way we feel it should be.

Using this idea of dissonance, Mounted invited 16 poets to respond. Each one created a poem. The poems were then given to 16 visual artists (one poem for each artist), and they were then tasked with creating an artwork in response to the poem.

Mounted warmly welcomes you to come and see the results of these creative endeavours. Visitors to the gallery will be able to read the poems and see the artworks made in response.

Opening event:  Saturday March 19 @ 2pm at Mounted ARI

The exhibition was also open for viewing Saturdays and Sunday until April 10th

- Sunday March, 27th  Poetry Writing Workshop

- Sunday April 10th (Artist Panel discussion)


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