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Geoff Matthews
May 2019

The first exhibition at Mounted was a solo show by local Blue Mountains visual artist, Geoff Matthews. His landscape-inspired paintings blur the lines between representation and abstraction.

The exhibition was supported by a ‘Flash Fiction’ evening with writers presenting short fiction works, and a musical soiree that included local singer/songwriter Maizy Coombes, supported by Alex Sherden and other musicians.

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“I see the Australian bush as a conundrum. It is still but busily alive. It is plain but beautiful. The dull colours are tonally nuanced. It is harsh but delicate. It appears to be one thing but closer inspection reveals a whole new perspective.... And it is abundant and close at hand and ever changing. Our landscape is not always a majestic gorge or a vast plain. It is in our backyard, in the branches against the sky as you look up from your TV or book, in the gums shading our car parks or on the nature strip…”
Geoff Matthews

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